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The House of Andrachelle is "Haute Couture" for your home.

Andrachelle manufactures drapes and window coverings that can help reduce heating and cooling costs, resist fading, and unify style and practicality. As Andrachelle manufactures by hand each drape to meet each customer's needs, every drape is unique and made to exact measures. We can even provide custom-printed silk for your drapes or your home, and we offer trim that is custom colored and designed to your requirements.

House of Andrachelle distributes an extensive range of silk fabric from our principle supplier Bennett Silk and offers wonderful European fabrics from Nigel Thompson and Brian Lawrence, plus the finest in drapery hardware from our principles, Resina Designs, Design Elements, Silent Gliss, Raybotics, and Squareline. We also offer custom finished lighting solutions from Woolpit Interiors.

House of Andrachelle opened an office in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1995, after the success of Andrachelle Interiors in Kent, on the outskirts of London, England. Andrachelle Interiors began in 1991 as a residential and commercial interior design company.

Andrachelle is committed to sustainability and is making progress towards these ends.

'Exquisite components' are the unique ingredients of a signature room; Andrachelle offers this bespoke service to you for your clients.

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